50 Years


50 Years matchmakes marzipan ice cream with a bitter chocolate fudge swirl. (TL4E!) This flavor balances sweetness and texture so well that we often wish real life was as fine as this ice cream flavor.

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Created in honor of BSC’s founder’s parents on the occasion of 50 years of wedded bliss. The marzipan ice cream showcases almonds at their best, while the bitter chocolate fudge swirl balances their sweetness with depth and texture. Ice cream as life metaphor – we’re feeling it, how about you?

This flavor was a favorite when we debuted it at Queens Night Market this summer, selling out in just a few hours! Snag a pint all for yourself, although if you’re married it might lengthen the relationship if you share.*

Ingredients: organic & local Ronnybrook heavy cream, organic & local Ronnybrook milk, organic sugar, almond paste, cocoa powder, glucose syrup, kosher salt.

Allergen Warning: Contains dairy, eggs, and nuts.

*Not a pro tip. Just a hunch.